About Rated E Productions

Rated E Productions is a small business created by Ethan Levy in 2016.

Ethan created Rated E Productions with the intent of making the process of designing and creating a video montage as easy as possible for his clients. Having gone through the process himself before, he can remember the various stressors: meeting deadlines, editing down photos, selecting songs, developing your closing message, reviewing the final cut, and the list goes on and on. 

When he first began creating montages in 2016, it was his goal to figure out how he could make the process easier. One of these goals was to allow for flexible scheduling with his clients. Ethan has been creating montages for those who have given him as little as a month's notice, and has even been working with clients with even shorter timeframes on a case-by-case basis.

Ethan always wanted to make sure that the client was in-the-loop about the status of their montage. Ethan values client feedback, and wants the client to be able to completely customize their montage to their liking, no matter how many drafts it takes. We won't settle for "ok", we want this to be the best!

Ethan's final goal was to make high-quality montages an affordable affair. Rated E Productions provides a very low price point while guaranteeing a high-quality final product. Ethan's low prices are second to none, and it's not too good to be true.

With a low price point, flexible scheduling, complete customizability and minimal stress on the client, you couldn't go wrong with choosing Rated E Productions to create your montage!

About Rated E Productions:

Created by Ethan Levy, Rated E Productions specializes in creating montages for any occasion.

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